M.Des (Fashion Marketing & Merchandising)

The objective of the two year Post Graduate Programme in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising (M.Des) is to develop managerial skills in fashion marketing and merchandising best suited to the requirements of the garment export and fashion retail sectors. Students are exposed to creative merchandising/marketing, innovative fashion management practices, fashion forecasting and trends and business practices through field visits and industry internships. The programme inculcates in the students the right attitude to be part of the middle management.

This course focuses into creative trend-setting strategies and shrewd business practices. This highly competitive sector requires specialized skills and knowledge related to fashion products, consumer behaviour, fashion markets and global industry trends. Fundamental to this knowledge is a cross-cultural understanding of the retailer’s role in channelling products from designers to producers and on to customers in today’s globalized fashion markets.

The students are taken to flagship fashion stores, local fashion designer houses and retail outlets etc, to have a personal experience, analyze and evaluate the role and function of day-to-day industry professionals working and succeeding in the capital of fashion . In short, this course provides the specialised knowledge in fashion merchandising and marketing.